Human Microbiome Project

How It Changed Our View Of A Healthy Gut

A massive study called the Human Microbiome Project has provided us more insight into the human microbiome in the last 3 years than the prior 50 years combined.

This revolutionary project aimed to map out just how big and complex the human microbiome is. Here’s a snapshot of what researchers have learned so far:

  • Your microbiome can change over time, and is affected by your disease state and medication.
  • The human microbiome outnumber cells in the human body by 10 to 1 microbes.
  • It contributes more genes responsible for human survival than humans’ own genes.

Here’s the biggest finding, that applies to your gut health: The HMP points to diversity of bacteria as the key to a healthy gut.

In other words, to improve your gut health, it is now recommended that you increase the number of distinct species of microbes in your gut.

Perfect Pass Probiotic Balanced Flora, Digestive Heatlh, Inmune Health
Perfect Pass Probiotic Balanced Flora, Digestive Heatlh, Inmune Health

What should you take to increase your Microbiome Diversity?

Again, this is very different from what we understood even a few years ago.

Here are the important points when choosing your prebiotic and probiotic:

  • When choosing a prebiotic to increase the diversity of your microorganisms, you want to make sure it is partially hydrolyzed guar gum (PHGG), which is the most effective soluble fiber that selectively “fertilizes” and feeds the good bacteria of your microbiome.
  • Bacillus Spore probiotics, as opposed to dairy-based strains, are found in nature and are identical to those found in the gut. They are referred to as human strain. The endospore outer casing ensures a 100% survival rate through stomach acid and bile. This way you get all the health benefits without losing any potency. You only need 1 spore probiotic capsule per day. They are extremely stable so there is no need for refrigeration like dozens of probiotics you may have been taking to date.


Perfect Pass Vitamins has applied the fundamental knowledge gleaned from the Human Microbiome Project.

We recommend that you take these two supplements to encourage optimal digestive function:

  • a PHGG soluble fiber prebiotic and
  • a human strain bacillus spore probiotic.