Combo Pack: Prebiotics & Probiotics

Perfect Pass Probiotic Balanced Flora, Digestive Heatlh, Inmune Health

Should you take Prebiotics?
Or Probiotics?

According to the latest findings from the Human Microbiome Project (HMP), the correct answer is both.

To understand why, we need a quick refresher on gut health.

You might think of the interaction between the bacteria in your gut like a game of chess playing out inside you.

You have “good bacteria” and “bad bacteria”–all together, a ton of microorganisms–competing for food and space.

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As gut health researcher Dr. Bruce Birren once said:

“When I get up from my chair, ten times more bacterial cells get up than human ones.”

And it’s only in the past 3 years that biologists have been able to map out just how big and complex this competitive ecosystem is.

That’s where the Human Microbiome Project (HMP) comes in.

In this massive study, researchers discovered some surprising findings about our microbiome:

  • your unique microbiome is not fixed, but can change over time, affected by your disease state and medication
  • Human microbiomes outnumber cells in the human body by 10 to 1
  • Microbes contribute more genes responsible for human survival than humans’ own genes

The question is, what can you do to tilt the chess game in the favor of your “good bacteria” – and find relief in your symptoms?

  • The HMP points to diversity of bacteria.  This is the reason you want to be taking both prebiotics and human strain probiotics on a regular basis.
  • The HMP has completely shifted our current understanding about gut health.

Now, to reap the benefits of great gut health, it’s recommended that you increase the number of distinct species of microbes in your gut.


You only need one prebiotic (ideally PHGG – partially hydrolyzed guar gum) and one human strain Bacillus spore probiotic. That’s it.

Diversity of good bacteria is the key.

Why PHGG Prebiotics?

The good bacteria in your gut thrive on this specific type of soluble fiber, increasing your diversity of bacteria, and your overall health.

This type of prebiotic, or soluble fibe, ferments slowly in the gut without causing side effecgts often associated with inulin, FOS and other types of prebiotics.

Why Bacillus Spore Probiotics?

In short, bacillus probiotics give you the best support.

These probiotics (unlike many other strains) are guaranteed to survive stomach acid 100% of the time.

Most importantly, Bacillus spore probiotics are a human strain. That means you’re taking more of what you already have in your gut.

The Human Microbiome Project revealed to us that diversity is the most important factor to your gut health. You need all kinds of strains, not just a few, to maintain healthy digestive function.

Taking a PHGG prebiotic and bacillus probiotic together is like a “perfect cocktail” that gives your gut increased diversity – and gives you a greater sense of well-being.

“How convenient will it be to take prebiotics and probiotics together?”

If anything, Bacillus spore probiotics make it easier to take your daily probiotics.
You only need to take 1small capsule per day and  it doesn’t need to be refrigerated.

Taking the prebiotic that is tasteless and odorless in a glass of water everyday is easy.

Here are more facts about Perfect Pass Prebiotic and Probiotic Combination:

  • they’re 100% compatible with the paleo diet
  • they have a 100% survival rate through stomach acid and bile (no other probiotics can attest to this).
  • you don’t have to refrigerate these Spore Probiotics
  • you only need 1 per day 

Plus, you only need to take more than what already exists in the gut to be beneficial.

For example…

When you take 1 capsule of Perfect Pass Probiotic there are 3 billion strains of bacillus spores.
This is considered a therapeutic dose as you’re giving your gut more than what you usually have in your gut, which is about 2 billion.

This means that you really feel the difference in your health and symptoms because you’re promoting diversity of other strains besides lactobacillus and bifidus,  promoting short chain fatty acid production that promote effective digestive and overall health benefits.

By contrast, you have 20 – 30 TRILLION strains of lactobacillus and bifidus in your digestive tract right now.

You can never take enough of them in a pill or powder form that will exceed that number. And remember, they would need to be human strain if you want them to multiply.

That’s why, perhaps when you’ve taken lactobacillus or bifidus probiotics in the past, you’ve had to keep on taking loads of them to achieve any beneficial effect.

That effect is unfortunately temporary. You need to keep taking high doses to continue to achieve the benefits.