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"Love this product"

I was looking for a natural replacement for Miralax that is safe to take long term. Due to a surgery I have had to take Miralax for several years, and it started to concern me because Miralax is not recommended for long term, and it is also a synthetic product. I'm so so so happy I found this Perfect Pass! It works better in so many ways, without any irritation. Keeps things moving (without too much movement) and I feel great! I will be a lifetime customer. I do wish it was a little less expensive, but that would be me only complaint. I'm 100% satisfied otherwise.


"This is a must to get the most out of your probiotic supplements."

Perfect Pass Prebiotics came highly recommended by my doctor for his “heal and seal the gut” program. It provides food for the probiotic (good) bacteria in the GI tract. If they are not well fed with prebiotics, the bacteria in the gut will eat away intestinal linings and exacerbate leaky gut syndrome.
I used this product throughout the digestive health program and - because of the great results I got from using it - I have kept it as a part of my daily routine.
It is an very high quality product at a great value for the price, and is far more effective than any other prebiotics I have used.
If you are looking for results, look no further.

Dagan Budd

"A Product That Works For My SIBO"

I have methane-predominant SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth) which causes constipation. I cannot take certain kinds of fibers because it can worsen my condition. I had not been making much headway with my condition and I experienced continual constipation which will perpetuated my condition. When I started taking Perfect Pass PHGG water soluble fiber, my constipation cleared up and I have been regular for about a month now. I now have hope to heal my gut and get rid of my SIBO. Perfect Pass is tasteless and since it’s soluble in water, it doesn’t change the texture or viscosity of water. It’s a win win!


Good product

I have been using this product for over a year now. I pair it with a probiotic from the same brand as was recommended to me by my doctor. I usually take the powder 30 min before taking the probiotic by mixing it in my tea. My sister just started taking this guar gum as well. I would recommend taking half the scoop the first week and gradually increase it to a full scoop. It took me about 2 weeks to see improvement.

Fernando Valentiner

Great Product!

I had heard from doctors that the best product to heal the gut and balance the microbiome is partially hydrolyzed guar gum. I had tied many other products over the years, but after finding and using this product for over a year, I would very much agree with that. I use this product daily for overall gut health and regularity. I would highly recommend this product.


Happy with the product

This product was recommended to me by my friend who’s been using it for over a year. I used similar products in the past and can say that this product is of a high quality, which is most important to me when it comes to my health.


Excellent ingredients

My nutritionist led me to this product in place of a commercial brand fiber supplement that had maltodextrin, which I’ve learned can irritate the gut. I’ve been using this product for the last few years and couldn’t be happier. Yes, it’s pricier compared to other products, but I’m always willing to pay more for supplements that don’t have questionable ingredients. I prefer to use this in my smoothies and will probably be a customer for life.

Stephanie Smith

 Product as expected

Based on the info in the literature, the hydrolyzed guar gum is being digested much easier than raw gum and other similar products, thus is favorable to for sensitive stomach issues. I have sensitive stomach, so decided to try it out. Although, I do take it with other food supplements and cannot attribute any specific effects to either of them. One thing I can tell with certainty, it is not causing me any discomfort so far. I think it worth trying and determine for yourself if it works for you.


Dissolves after a few minutes

Only issue is that I do not find that it dissolves ‘instantly’ as others have claimed. I have to wait a few minutes or it will be clumpy. Otherwise it’s fine.


Should you take Prebiotics Or Probiotics?

According to the latest findings from the Human Microbiome Project (HMP), the correct answer is both.

To understand why, we need a quick refresher on gut health.

You might think of the interaction between the bacteria in your gut like a game of chess playing out inside you.

You have “good bacteria” and “bad bacteria”–all together, a ton of microorganisms–competing for food and space.

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