Natural Bacillus Spore Human Strains with 100% Survival Rate Through Stomach Acid and Bile for Gut and Digestive Wellness, Vegetarian, 30 Capsules

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Human Strain Daily Probiotic – Developed through advanced digestive health studies, our men’s and women’s probiotics for adults increase probiotic diversity by utilizing human strains the body recognized for restoring bacteria balance: Bacillus Coagulans, Bacillus clausii and Bacillus subtilis HU58.

Increase Microbiome Diversity – These probiotics for digestive health utilize bacillus strains that naturally exist in the human body which means they multiply more effectively and efficiently than those grown on soy, dairy, or other substrates.

Enhanced Absorption Process – Our probiotic digestive enzymes are made from three different bacillus strains encased in their own endospore which only opens when it reaches the digestive tract for superior absorption and effectiveness.

Restore Internal Digestive Balance – Taking a probiotic complex regularly is vital for strengthening immune defense while also reducing digestive issues such as bloating, gas, or irregularity. This is also important for restoring physical and mental energy.

Proudly Made in the USA – Our all-natural, vegetarian-friendly probiotics for men and women are made in the USA under strict quality control conditions to ensure it meets your expectations making it a smart daily supplement for consistent wellness.


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